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Full contents to WRITE YOUR NOVEL...

About the authors of this blog...

Getting started...

Freelance writing gives you an advantage
Fiction writing can be its own reward
Freelance? Do I have to freelance?
Story Writing ... where do you start?
Learn to write ... love your keyboard!
A dozen of the most-asked questions
What, exactly is a plot?
Help with plotting, when you need it!
Plot ideas: where in the world do they come from?
Plot construction: the framework goes up before the house!
Creating characters: know your archetypes from your stereotypes
Edit me?! No way!
Editing your own work
Global editing: what in the world is it?
The global edit: writing and editing working in tandem
Copy Editing -- what the heck is it, anyway?
A Copy Editing Q&A
Can I proof and edit my own work?
Grammar? Who the heck needs it?!
Manuscript formatting: get it down at!

But I hate typing!
Writing with absolute clarity
Create unforgettable characters
Create a character: the hero
Create a character: the villain
What's in a character's name?
Getting paid to write
Grammar: the absolute basics
Grammar: when to break all the rules!
Correct punctuation? Are you serious?!
Punctuation made positively simple!
Being wordy: how much is too much?
Writing with consistency
Writing syle ... exactly what is it?

Freelance editing is an invaluable skill
Proofreading: weeding out typographical errors
Proofreading: weeding out spelling errors
Correct grammar? Me? You have got to be kidding!
Grammatical errors: shoot them down
Style editing ... editing for style
Repeated words ... is there an echo in here?!

Flying solo: you're ready to self publish
Self publishing: why would you do it -- and how?!
Self publishing: where do you begin?

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