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This page is a "hub" -- a contents list. As we post feature articles on the complex subject of publishing, we index them here, and sort them into a (roughly) coherent order. This is the place to start if it's help or pointers with the actual publishing process you're looking for -- be it in book design, cover creation, the hunt for an agent to represent you, or the labyrinthine process of working with printshops such as Lulu and CreateSpace.

In this section, we'll be talking about POD, agents, traditional publishers, 'the road to Amazon,' and a whole lot more.

One of our topics will be ebooks: how to publish them and (better yet) how to sell them

Another hot topic will be book covers, and here, it's over to Jade, the digital artist who is the cover designer for DreamCraft. A sample of Jade's work appears right here, for your visual delight (scroll down).

Entries to this section have just begun with...

Flying Solo: you're ready to self publish!

Self publishing: why would you do it -- and how?!

Self publishing: where do you begin?

And while we're working on this segment, here are some terrific posts from The World According to Mel, to get you going:

Book covers, creative vision, and the author
POD Publishing and Amazon ... patience is a virtue
Writing and publishing in a digital future
Counting down to 2009
Ars gratia artis
Gay and visually impaired ... what are you reading, and how?!
POD Publishing: Mobipocket has made it so simple.
Writing and publishing for a technological explosion
My kingdom for an ebook gizmo
Literary history repeats itself ... for $2
Writers beware: it's just another scam
POD Publishing: how to get your book ready
Writing, Publishing, and odd ways to spend your life
POD Publishing: good news for independent publishers
Writers, inspiration, and recycled ideas
Talking about CreateSpace
Writer beware: marketing deals? Be very, very cautious
POD Publishing: why do it? And ... why not?

...The World According to Mel is a goldmine of info and advice for writers, as well as often being a good laugh. Are you missing out?

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