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You're about to write a book ...

Every writer knows the feeling. The pleasant shiver of anticipation, the buzz of ideas, fingers itching to work. To write a book. Great novels are conceived in this moment and born a while later, after being nurtured and grown. That nurturing and growing process is what this blog is about.

To write a book you'll need three things. A story idea — which you probably have, since you're on this page! Determinaton, which you already have in abundance (again, you're reading this page. You're ready to write a book). Lastly, you'll need some basic skills — and you're in the right part of the world.

Creative writing is an art. Good writing can be learned, exactly like playing an instrument. All you need is a little patience, some spare time, and the determination to do it.

Some writers seem to be born with good grammer and great sentence construction. Everyone else has to work, but luckily writing is also a lot of fun. You'll enjoy the process, make friends, go places you never imagined ... and the skills you gather as you write a book, be it fact or fiction, or a blend of both, are an investment in your future as a novelist.

Writing is a personal journey. Your stories are spun from your own thoughts. When you create your own character, he or she is born from your imagination and wears the face you decide. Each time you create characters, they speak with a version of your voice, delivering dialog that was first heard in your mind. Heroes, villains — they're all your brain children. You can create unforgettable characters, icons to adore and those we 'love to hate.'

So when you craft your novel, write well. Let your creativity flow from the heart. Gather the skills of the author, hone them, and when you sit down to write a book, everything will click into place.

This is what this blog is about.

Ready to write a book? A good book? Then, let's do it!

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